Woodley To Haters & Online Trolls: Jake Paul Would Knock You Out, Too
published on January 21, 2022
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Tyron Woodley is firing back at the people hating on his loss to Jake Paul.

It’s been just over a month since Tyron Woodley was knocked out by Jake Paul in their second fight against each other. Woodley has been catching some heat from haters and people online since the loss. Woodley has some words for those who are criticizing his loss and, in turn, is giving some credit to Paul.

“And a lot of people are saying that, ‘Aw, you lost to him again! Aw, you got knocked out!’ He would literally fuck a lot of y’all up, like MMA fighters and other people that are just bumping at the gums, he’s an athletic kid that don’t have no job beyond this,” Woodley told MMA Fighting. “He don’t have no kids. He don’t have no business running. He can have the best trainer, the best coaches, the best nutrition, the most focus. He can separate himself.”

Woodley was a last-minute replacement this time around when Paul’s original opponent, Tommy Fury, dropped out. Woodley first faced Paul in August and lost that fight by decision. In his second attempt, Woodley was vocally more confident that he could defeat Paul, however, he was mistaken. Woodley is now giving Paul the credit he deserves.

Now that Woodley and Paul have run their course fighting each other, “The Chosen One” is not ready to just sit down and retired from boxing. One rumored possibility for his next opponent is fellow UFC alum Dan Hardy.

As for Paul, he is still moving forward with his boxing career after winning an award for “Breakout Boxer of the Year”. He was recently rumored to be fighting with Mike Tyson, but Tyson shot those rumblings down instantly. Paul has also been hinting at a move to MMA. If he does follow through with that plan perhaps he might consider giving Woodley another shot.

Do you think you personally could beat Jake Paul in a boxing match?

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