White Explains Why He Thinks Mayweather Hasn’t Paid Logan Paul
published on February 1, 2022
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Dana White has a reason as to why Logan Paul allegedly hasn’t been paid by Floyd Mayweather for their exhibition out.

Paul recently came out and claimed he is still waiting to be paid by Mayweather for their June exhibition boxing bout. It was a very high-profile match that did very well on pay-per-view, but the YouTuber claims he hasn’t been paid. For White, he has a theory as to why Mayweather is keeping the money.

“Well, here’s what happens when you go in and do these fights,” White explained on the Full Send podcast (via Mirror). “You do these fights that are exhibitions or whatever, the commission isn’t overseeing it. Let’s say I did a fight with Mike [Tyson], I’ve got Mike fighting Francis or something, the athletic commission gets the money upfront, so they pay the fighters, they don’t have to wait.

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“That was the big problem in the past is that these boxing promoters would come in and they wouldn’t make as much money as they thought they were going to do,” White continued. “So they would stiff the fighters and not pay the guys and that’s why these regulations are in place in these different states. And that’s why, I don’t want to s*** on any of the other states, but you want to fight in like Nevada or California, the guys that have a strong athletic commission.”

Whether or not what Dana White is saying is true or not is uncertain. However, he does know a lot from running the UFC so it could be the case.

In their June fight, Logan Paul did better than expected and went all eight rounds with Floyd Mayweather. However, due to it being an exhibition no winner was announced.

What do you make of Dana White’s reason as to why Floyd Mayweather hasn’t paid Logan Paul?

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