Watch: Jake Paul Roasts White, McGregor, Diaz, & Masvidal In Diss Track
published on January 29, 2022
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Jake Paul‘s diss track of Dana White has arrived.

Today marks one week to the day since we ran a story about Dana White vowing to never speak about Jake Paul again. In contrast, “The Problem Child” has ramped up his side of the feud to new levels.

Friday morning, Paul released a rap song where he relentlessly roasts Dana White for over two minutes, and a few UFC stars were targeted as well.

The video begins with “Dana White” and UFC executives pressuring a fighter played by Cris Cyborg to sign a three-fight contract worth $12,000 a fight. When the fighter asks about long-term health care, “White” snaps, “Don’t worry about that right now! Just sign on the dotted line or no one’s gonna know who you are.”

At this point, Paul and his entourage crash the signing, and the YouTuber cracks “White” with a baseball bat. The music video then commences.

Jake Paul Targets White & Three Big UFC Stars In Diss Track

The biggest themes of the video are the UFC’s mistreatment of fighters, Dana White’s greed, and a wide-scale roasting of the UFC president in general.

There were also some shrapnel that fell on UFC stars Jorge Masvidal, Nate Diaz, and Conor McGregor, three names that Paul has lobbied for fights against in the past. Here what he had to say about each fighter.

Jorge Masvidal

Jorge Masvidal, Credit: Esther Lin, MMA Fighting

“First of all, Masvidal, you ain’t rich. 50 fights for 5 mill’ that ain’t shit.”

Nate Diaz

“I like havin money conversations. All that little Stockton shit is cool, but that lisp got me thinking Diaz speak a different language.”

Conor McGregor

(via John Locher/AP)

“McGregor, I ain’t seen you win in five years. You rich little weirdo, ugly ass veneers. Took so many losses wounded up at VMAs, tryna fight with MGK, no surprise here.

Lamborghini boat but your career is sinkin’. Really got me wondering what Dee is thinkin’. I ain’t even dissin now I’m really speaking.  Wounded up in jail too many times with all dat liquor drinkin’.”

You can peep the full, uncut video of Jake Paul’s diss track below.

What are your thoughts on Jake Paul’s Dana White diss track?

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