Watch: Holly Holm Schools & Submits Jackass Star Steve-O On The Mats
published on February 2, 2022
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If Kevin Holland taught MMA fans anything recently, it’s don’t challenge professional fighters on the mats. But if there’s one person who goes against the grain and does what others warn against, it’s Steve-O.

From swimming in shark-infested waters with a hook in his mouth and wearing a jellyfish on his head like a sombrero to sending fireworks shooting out of his backside and being flung in the air like a yo-yo inside a portable toilet (don’t google this one, you’ve been warned), the Jackass star performs stunts and enters situations that would never end well for him.

We can also add ‘grappled a former UFC champion’ to that list.

In a 2020 video recently uploaded to Instagram by the Jackson Wink MMA gym, the 47-year-old can be seen grappling with former UFC women’s bantamweight champion and current #2-ranked 135-pound contender Holly Holm.

In a matter of seconds, the Brazilian jiu-jitsu blue belt drags Steve-O down with ease, takes his back, flattens him out, and sinks in a rear-naked choke.

Are we sure there’s no time to add this as a scene in the upcoming Jackass Forever film?

Jackass Stars 0-2 Against UFC Stars

Holm’s grappling success against Steve-O added the first point for the UFC. The second came in the form of a grimace-inducing punch to the groin by Francis Ngannou.

In a scene in the latest installment of the fan-favorite TV and film series, “The Predator,” who boasts the hardest recorded punch in history, delivered a shot flush to the gentleman’s area of “Danger” Ehren McGhehey.

For fans, specifically male ones, nothing is more painful to see in an MMA contest than a kick, knee, or punch to the cup. What’s that I hear you say? What could be worse?

How about a clean, fully-loaded shot to the crown jewels from a man capable of sleeping anybody on the planet with as much as a graze?

With another Jackass star falling at the hands of a UFC fighter, the question is, who’s next? How about a Brazilian jiu-jitsu match between Johnny Knoxville and Mackenzie Dern?

Who had it worse, Steve-O against Holly Holm or “Danger” Ehren against Francis Ngannou?

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