Video: Jewish UFC Fighter Natan Levy Smashes Neo-Nazi During Sparring Session
published on August 19, 2023
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Jewish standout Natan Levy delivered a much-needed lesson to an internet troll and Neo-Nazi.

“A few days ago, some wimp on Twitter posted a picture of his slim tricep and said this is what every white nationalist should look like,” Levy says in a video posted on his YouTube channel. “This is what everybody who follows Nick Fuentes should look like.”

For those unfamiliar, Nick Fuentes is a white nationalist who is an avid denier of the Holocaust. He is also an advocate for race war and has suggested that burning women alive should be adopted in the United States.

“Somebody tagged me and I commented that he’s built like a chopstick,” Levy continued. “Definitely not a threat. Some guy jumped in the thread named Ben and he said he’s willing to come meet me to defend Nick Fuentes’ honor and come spar with me. I’m like, ‘Yeah, whatever. Come. Bring the wimp from the picture too and Dickless Fuentes. We can all meet and I’ll Venmo you some cash for the gas.”

Upon his arrival, Ben shared what brought him to the gym that day.

“Yeah, I saw one of his posts come across Twitter. It was critical of somebody who associates himself with ‘America First’ and the political values that I value,” Ben said. “As a defender of that and as a former martial arts experience trained person myself, I thought it would be fun to come spar.

Neo-Nazi’s Demeanor Drastically Changes When Confronted by UFC Fighter Natan Levy

Before the two even stepped foot inside the cage, Ben’s demeanor took a rather hilarious turn, going from hateful Neo-Nazi on social media to a quiet and well-mannered young man when confronted by a professional fighter that could potentially tear his head off and shove it somewhere very uncomfortable. And not like the back of a Volkswagon.

Despite his change in tone, Ben stepped into the cage suggesting that he had a chance of doing little more than surviving. “He hasn’t watched film on me. I have striking. I have power. I have the size,” Ben said with a massive level of misguided confidence.

As you might have guessed, it didn’t take long for Ben to start tapping out and apologizing for his ignorant comments online. If you’d like to see a Neo-Nazi get his head pounded into the canvas, skip to 4:30 of the below embed. Though we definitely recommend watching the full video to really appreciate the beating that Levy delivers.

As Natan Levy put it, “It was a classic case of f*ck around and find out.”


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