Uriah Hall goes off on fan complementing his TUF knockout
published on May 26, 2023
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Uriah Hall goes off on fan complementing his TUF knockout

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Uriah Hall is clearly still in his feelings about his viral KO of Adam Cella in 2012.

That point was made clear when a fan tagged Hall in a thread sharing insane knockouts and he responded, clearly on edge.

The fan wrote a comment on a highlight of the KO saying, “I think this was the knockout that made @UriahHallMMA scared of his own power. This looked scary as hell.”

Hall replied writing, “Lol I think you’re random dumb a** don’t know s*** and you should probably shut the f*** up and think before you tweet f***ing tool please tell me about my career and my wins and losses.”

A different fan stepped in to defend the comment writing, “Uriah i believe he was complimenting you” to which Hall fired back, “That’s not a compliment.”

The tweet went viral with fans defending the comment, and wondering why Hall came so hard for him.

Hall hasn’t competed in the UFC since his 2022 loss to André Muniz. He recently boxed on the Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury card where he defeated Le’Veon Bell via decision.

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