UFC veteran Mike Swick reveals that he’s been battling cancer
published on February 17, 2022
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UFC veteran and The Ultimate Fighter season 1 alum Mike Swick revealed that he’s been battling cancer for the past five weeks on Wednesday. The 42-year old announced his cancer diagnosis in an instagram post.

Sometimes life throws you lemons, and then sometimes the whole lemon tree falls on your head!

Anyway, for those wondering where I have been the last 5 weeks, I been battling Cancer in the toughest and most aggressive battle I have ever had. Started with a 48 hour water fast, then the first Chemo session with an additional 24 hour water fast, then a day of solid plant based organic food, followed by another chemo and fast, then plant based again, keeping this routine until the week was over. From then I kept Chemo every other day for the next 3 weeks while eating only plant based organic cancer killing foods daily. 

After 7 days all 15+ swollen lymph nodes in my neck were completely gone. Never had a single fever throughout, and vitals were always normal. Round 1 went to me for sure!

Then I continued same chemo and plant based routine, without anymore fasting, until I checked out a couple days ago. 

Now recovering at home and actually feeling amazing mentally! Vitals all still good but still full of Chemo and a little weak and quite skinny. The lowest I got after the fasts and first week was 151lbs.

I will get a scan and update in just over a week but I decided not to hide this. I want everyone to watch as I beat this BS and recover myself back to 100% with a full recovery. So stay tuned… 

P.S. I apparently had this for over 7 months without knowing. Even after passing an initial biopsy on my lymph node. Since all vitals were good and I passed all regular tests and blood work, we assumed it was the Johnson and Johnson Vaccine side effects, since the nodes swole up literally the day after I got it. So if you scroll back 7 months on my IG, you can see how much fun I was having with cancer and not even knowing it. Free-diving, skydiving, training… kinda crazy. Be safe everyone and never listen to the first diagnosis.

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Swick retired from competition in July 2015 following a unanimous decision loss to Alex Garcia at UFC 189. It was his fourth loss in his last five outings.

Swick fought 15 times in the UFC octagon and ended his fighting career with a 10-5 UFC record, and a 15-6 overall mixed martial arts record.

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