UFC President Dana White Puts Bounty On ‘F*ckface’ Intruder Following Attempted Home Invasion
published on August 30, 2023
curated and posted by BRWLRZ Team

Dana White is offering a nice chunk of change for anyone who can identify the individual who attempted to break into his vacation home in Maine.

White was absent from last weekend’s event in Singapore whilst vacationing with his family at their home in Levant, Maine. However, things nearly took a turn for the terrifying when an unidentified individual was caught on a doorbell camera attempting to kick in the front door during the late-night hours.

Luckily, the would-be intruder failed to make it past the front door and fled moments later.

Dana White Offers a Cash Reward to the First Person Who Reports the Attempted Intruder to Local Police

Dana White posted the video footage along with a close-up shot of the perpetrator on social media, offering up $2,500 to whoever can help identify the individual.

“This (expletive) just tried to kick [in] my front door in Levant, Maine,” an angry White posted on his Instagram stories. “I will [pay] 2500 dollars to the first person to let the police know who he is.”

A $2,500 reward feels a little low for a guy who routinely gloats about gambling away millions of dollars, but c’est la vie.


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