UFC Middleweight Brendan Allen Facing Severe Backlash After Gloating About ‘Whoopin’ His Kids
published on August 19, 2023
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Middleweight standout Brendan Allen has become the subject of significant backlash on social media after attempting to justify his stance on physically assaulting his children.

Allen, a 10-2 prospect in the UFC’s 185-pound division came under fire after he decided to share his controversial opinion on reprimanding his children on X (former Twitter) saying, “I whoop my kids and nobody gana do sh*t about it.”

Brendan Allen doubled down on his statement two hours later. “Its amazing that spanking, whoopin, or popping is considered “beating” crazy to me how pussified civilization has come,” he added.

Needless to say, fight fans online were quick to call out Allen for basically bragging about the fact that he spanks his children. One user questioned why Allen would be so proud to reveal that he inflicts physical pain on his children as a form of punishment. “I’m not sure why you would be so proud to say that…”

Other users were much more animated in their responses. “I’m not gonna do anything about you being a sh*tty parent besides judge you from afar,” one user on X replied.

MMA keeps MMAing. Way to be a shite parent and proud of it Brendan,” another said.

One asked why the professional fighter was happy about inflicting pain on someone that can’t even defend themselves. “Why are you flexing about hitting kids though?”

Another suggested that Allen’s actions will eventually come back to bite him. “Yeah they are putting you in an old folks home the minute they can, stay cool.”

Of course, not everyone was quick to condemn Brendan Allen. Some even condoned his actions, suggesting that they are simply repeating the steps that their parents once took. As if that somehow justifies laying a hand on your child with violent intent.

Check Out Some of the More Scathing Responses to Brendan Allen’s Comments Below:


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