UFC 283: Brandon Moreno secures title again after doctor stoppage over Deiveson Figueiredo
published on January 23, 2023
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Deiveson Figueiredo and Brandon Moreno made history on Saturday night when they were the fight UFC match-up to fight four times. Unbelievably those four fights came in a matter of just about two years.

They met first on Dec. 12 where they fought to a draw in one of the most exciting fights of the year. Due to the draw, Figueiredo retained his title. Next, they rematched at UFC 263 in June 2021, where Moreno defeated Figueiredo via submission to steal away the flyweight title. The pair fought a third time, this time on Jan. 22, 2022, where Figueiredo defeated Moreno via a close decision. Since then, Moreno fought (and won) the interim title while Figueiredo recovered from an injury. Now they settled the score once and for all (hopefully).

Deiveson Figueiredo vs. Brandon Moreno play-by-play

They didn’t touch gloves to start their fourth fight, but they did bow. It set an odd tone to the start of the fight. The fight started with an early takedown by Figueiredo who put Moreno into a guillotine within seconds. Despite Figueiredo being in control, the fans booed, they wanted to see a striking affair. A scramble by Moreno got them back to their feet and the crowd went alive again. A body kick from Moreno backed Figueiredo up briefly but strikes were few and far between, they seemed to be pacing each other, perhaps anticipating another five-round war ahead.They scrambled back to the canvas and Figueiredo has a hold of Moreno’s heel, looking for a violent heel hook but the time ended and they went back to their corners.

In round 2, Figueiredo took Moreno to the canvas again but after some brief grappling Moreno got back to his feet and they traded strikes on their feet. Figueiredo took Moreno to the canvas and got Moreno into another tight guillotine but somehow Moreno was able to slide out of it, and the crowd went absolutely insane. After that Moreno held Figueiredo to the canvas to finish the round on top.

In round 3, a punch landed on Figueiredo but Figueiredo protested it and tried to stop the fight. The referee didn’t stop the fight and Moreno took Figueiredo to the canvas where his eye was bleeding profusely. Upon looking at the replay, there was no eye poke, it was from a punch. Moreno tried to use top control to land ground and pound but Figueiredo was keeping him in control the best he could and the round ended, again with Moreno on the top.

Between rounds, the doctor looked at Figueiredo’s eye and called the fight due to the swelling.

Moreno is now the undisputed champion again.

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