UFC 281: Dustin Poirier taps Michael Chandler in three-round blood bath
published on November 15, 2022
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UFC 281: Dustin Poirier taps Michael Chandler in three-round blood bath

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A lot of fans were calling this fight the people’s main event due to some cage-side beef that helped to sell the fight and bring the two lightweights together.

The two normally respectful fighters touched gloves to start the fight and they were off!

Chandler landed huge body shot leg kicks to Poirier but a checked leg kick may have stalled his leg kicks further. Chandler backed Poirier up against the fence with a flurry of punches and he was smelling blood in the water. Poirier adjusted and landed a few of his own strikes on Chandler but not enough to wow the crowd like Chandler did. After a brief exchange in the center of the crow Chandler pounced landing massive flurries before taking Poirier to the canvas with 1:30 left in the round. He took Poirier’s back and shoved Poirier back to the canvas, slamming him in dramatic fashion before they got back to their feet and it was Poirier who landed flurries, forcing Chandler to retreat.

The final moments of the first round proved damning to Chandler’s face and it was clear he was suffering.

To start the second round, Chandler dumped Poirier quickly. From the canvas, they traded short strikes with Poirier on the bottom. In the struggle, Chandler was able to take the back of Poirier and looked for the submission. Clots of blood came pouring out of Chandler’s nose, making the body of Poirier slippery. Despite the submission not coming it was a clear round for Chandler, ending it with ground-and-pound and probably forcing Poirier to have to get a finish to win.

The third and final round began and Poirier was instructed to stay away from the fence. Poirier lands a head kick to start the round but Chandler was able to pick up Poirier and slam him to the ground. In the struggle though Poirier got Chandler’s back. He wasn’t in much danger until Poirier fell to his back, secured the neck and forced the tap.

Poirer was coming off his loss to then-champion, Charles Oliveira. He was looking to rebound and earn himself a shot at facing the new champion, Islam Mackhachev.

Chandler was riding a highlight-reel win over Tony Ferguson at UFC 274 in May. He was looking to make a case for his own title shot with a win over Poirier.

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