Twitter reacts to Alex Pereira’s shocking comeback finish of Israel Adesanya
published on November 15, 2022
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The story was told 1,000 times before their fight. Alex Pereira beat Israel Adesanya twice before, but this was MMA and many wondered if Pereira could pull off one more win, arguably when it means the most.

At UFC 281, it was a different story.

The end of the first round was wild, Adesanya landed a hard shot to Pereira and then followed it up with a strike after the bell but he seemed to recover by the start of the second round.

This time the end of the second was all Pereira dumping the champion onto the canvas for a huge takedown.

Many felt that the third round would be the decider. But after a dominating round by Adesanya, the bell rang and they went into championship rounds.

In the fourth round they both slowed the action, Pereira looked gassed and defeated.

Pereira needed a finish in the fifth if he had any hopes of winning the fight and that’s exactly what he did in just the final moments.

Here’s how Twitter felt about the fight

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