Tommy Fury: The Ball Is In Jake Paul’s Court
published on January 18, 2022
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Tommy Fury is still interested in fighting Jake Paul next.

Fury, the half-brother of heavyweight champion, Tyson, was set to box Paul in the main event of a Showtime boxing pay-per-view in December in Tampa. However, less than two weeks before the fight, the Brit was forced out of the bout citing a chest infection and a broken rib.

With Fury being out, Paul then rematched Tyron Woodley who he subsequently knocked out in the sixth round. Since then, Tommy Fury has made it clear he wants that fight back and says the ball is in Jake Paul’s court to make it happen.

“Make no mistake, that’s the fight I want next and I’ll always be checking in with my team every day to see where we’re up to with that,” Fury said on The MMA Hour. “But there comes a time where I have my own career. My goal still doesn’t change. My goal is to be a champion in this sport and, believe it or not, fighting Jake Paul doesn’t give me that at all. Fighting Jake Paul will never make me a champion in boxing. So, Jake Paul, yeah it’s a great fight, it’s a big fight, but it doesn’t really make me achieve my dreams.

Jake Paul, Tommy Fury (Image Credits: Mike Ehrmann/Jason Miller/Getty Images)

“So at the end of the day, I’ll wait for a certain amount of time. I’m trying my best to get this fight back on track,” Fury continued. “You talk to anybody, this is the fight I wan. I’ll wait for him an amount of time, it comes off, great, if it doesn’t, I will resume my career and start winning some titles. That’s just the way life is.

“The ball is in Jake Paul’s court now. I’m doing everything I can with my team to get this fight rescheduled.”

Jake Paul had said he wanted to take some time off after his last win so whether or not the Tommy Fury fight will be rescheduled is uncertain. If it isn’t, the 7-0 boxer in Fury will look to make his return in the spring as he looks to eventually become a world champion.

Do you think we will see Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury next?

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