The Korean Zombie Embarassed After UFC on ESPN+ 38 Loss
published on October 19, 2020
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October 18, 2020

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The Korean Zombie is feeling the aftereffects of his one-sided defeat at the hands of Brian Ortega at UFC on ESPN+ 38. 

As much damage as The Korean Zombie sustained at UFC on ESPN+ 38 against Brian Ortega in the event’s headliner, it isn’t the bumps and bruises from the bout that was hurting him the morning after the event. In fact, it wasn’t anything that Brian Ortega did but everything Zombie did not do and doesn’t even remember.

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3,4,5라운드가 기억이 없네요. 나는 기억이 안나는데 싸우고 있는 모습을 보니 엄청나게 신기하네..하하.. 뭐 경기를 지면 왜 졌는지를 찾아봐야 하는데.. 상대가 사우스포 비율이 너무 높았고, 사우스포일땐 상대를 끌어들이기 하기로 했는데.. 그런 엘보우를 맞은 그냥 내가 바보멍청이 입니다. 오르테가가 너무 잘했고.. 그냥 나는 지금 내가 너무 부끄럽습니다. 그래도 응원 많이 해주셔서 고맙습니다 미안합니다.

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“I don’t remember the third, fourth and fifth rounds. I can’t remember, but it’s amazing to see how I’m fighting..haha.. I have to find out why I lost when I lose the game. Right, I’m just a fool. Ortega was so good… I just feel so embarrassed about me now. Still, thank you for supporting me a lot. I’m sorry.”

The Korean Zombie may have lost decisively, but there is no questioning the fact that he competed with enormous grit and resolve, truly living up to his moniker as a Korean Zombie who refused to die, even after a spinning elbow attack to end the second round that would have put a lesser man away on the instant. ‘

The Korean Zombie has been able to bounce back from disappointment in the past, including losing a featherweight title bout against Jose Aldo at UFC 163 after suffering a shoulder injury during the biggest fight of his life and also losing to Yair Rodriguez with one second remaining after being ahead on all the judges’ scorecards in what is #1 on many’s list of best knockouts in UFC history. So while Jung may be down on himself now, history has proven that this Zombie likely won’t stay down for long and will get right back to inflicting more carnage the next chance he gets. 

Whom would you like to see The Korean Zombie fight next after losing to Brian Ortega in the UFC on ESPN+ 38 main event?

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