Team Ngannou Hopes For “Peaceful Resolution” With UFC Post-Surgery
published on January 27, 2022
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Injuries sustained recently by Francis Ngannou could force him out of action for the better part of a year.

Ngannou’s manager recently spoke with Brett Okamoto of ESPN and unveiled how the heavyweight champ plans to rehabilitate following his fight. Injuries he took to one of his knees will reportedly require surgery, and his team is planning to give him nine months to recover.

Per the interview, Ngannou is getting the surgery due to tearing his MCL and damaging his ACL in the lead-up to his UFC 270 fight against Ciryl Gane. The decision to get surgery was made after he was evaluated earlier this week.

Ngannou will receive the surgery after he comes back from a trip to his home country of Cameroon.

During Ngannou’s recovery process, manager Marquel Martin hopes the team can work to figure out his contractual situation with the UFC.

“Upon his return, we plan on getting surgery and starting the recovery process so we can get him back to 100 percent as soon as possible,” said Marquel in an interview with ESPN. “In the meantime, we hope we can find a peaceful resolution in these contract talks. We’d like to thank all the fans for their continued support and belief in Francis.”

The fact that Ngannou suffered his knee injuries during his training camp means he competed in his title fight while hurt. Many assumed that something was up with Ngannou when he entered the cage on Saturday night and was wearing padding on both of his knees.

Do you believe we will see Francis Ngannou compete in the UFC again after his surgery?

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