Sean Strickland reveals what he said to Kevin Holland to piss him off
published on February 4, 2022
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Sean Strickland reveals what he said to Kevin Holland to piss him off

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It’s not hard for Sean Strickland to say something inappropriate. In fact, he’s made saying terrible things his gimmick.

But not everyone appreciates what comes out of his mouth and during his UFC Vegas 47 media day interview, Strickland explained what he said about fellow UFC fighter Kevin Holland that set him off.

“I think I told him I could rape him in prison one day and it bothered him. If we were in a jail cell together, if I wanted to, I could take that ass,” he said to the media on Wednesday. He started talking shit to me on Instagram. I see him at the [UFC Performance Institute] the other day and he’s popped out his f*cking chest wanting to fight me. I told him we can’t fight here, Edgar wouldn’t allow it, we can go out to the parking lot right now. The thing about Kevin Holland is he doesn’t know how to embrace his feelings, he doesn’t know how to feel, he’s scared of his feelings. He’s scared of me. I told him I will take you out in the f*cking parking lot and fight you to the f*cking death. I don’t need the money, lets go out these doors, lets go right now. Kevin, he’s a f*cking pussy.”

Strickland might want to be careful. Just recently Holland invited an internet roll to the gym (on Holland’s dime) to fight him. Holland won and sent the troll packing.

“Bottom line, people were saying things they shouldn’t be saying,” Holland told ESPN in regards to the internet troll. “And they pull up to the gym and they finally get what they deserve. That’s just how it goes. Respect is big. Respect the athlete, respect the sport, respect the people that entertain you. Simple as that.”

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