Sean O’Malley Uninterested In Sparring With Sean Strickland
published on January 27, 2022
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Sean “Sugar” O’Malley believes a training session with Sean “Tarzan” Strickland is bad for his health.

If you keep up with the fighters on social media, you know that O’Malley and Strickland have some conflict with each other.

Sean Strickland, noted for his outlandish comments, has not shied away from stating his honest opinions about Sean O’Malley. Last year, the controversial fighter ridiculed O’Malley for his tattoo choices and association with rapper Tekashi 69 via Twitter.

“@SugaSeanMMA woke up one day and said “you know that guy who snitched on all his friends, did something shady with minor, yeah that guy I want him to tattoo his name on me” lol!! You know @SugaSeanMMA walks around holding his pocket lol!!!,” Strickland tweeted in December.

However, it is highly unlikely the two will ever meet in the cage. Sean O’Malley, 14-1-0, fights at bantamweight, and Sean Strickland, 24-3-1, fights in the middleweight division. But a spar between the two could simmer Strickland down.

Let O’Malley tell it, he cannot fathom the intensity of fighters like Strickland. Sparring viciously outside of the Octagon seems like a waste of his time and threatens the longevity of his career. (h/t Pundit Arena).

“I remember him, he was on fucking streak, no one was beating him. He’s been good for a long ass time. It would be a pain in the ass to have him as a sparring partner though. You know you’re just fighting every time.

“I feel like I’ve gotten to a spot where I’m not going to fight dude, I’m not getting into a fistfight with this guy if I’m not getting paid. I’m not doing it. It’s not good for my brain, it’s not good for my body, I only have a certain amount of scraps, and I think everyone does, and I’m not going to waste them in the gym,” Sean O’Malley explained on his podcast.

And who can blame him? Undoubtedly, Strickland has turned a lot of heads with most of his statements and violent sparring sessions. He mentioned he would love to murder someone in the Octagon and soon followed up with his dream to kill outside of the Octagon, as well.

Even Tim Welch, Sean O’Malley’s head coach, commented on Strickland’s chaotic antics:

“There’s something wrong in that dude’s head isn’t there. He’s a fucking freak. You read his Twitter dude, he is not healthy.”

As of right now, “Sugar” O’Malley plans to focus on his career path and well-being and is not concerned about a sparring match with “Tarzan.”

Would you like to see a sparring session between Sean O’Malley and Sean Strickland?

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