Report: Managers File Lawsuit Against ONE Champion Adriano Moraes
published on December 29, 2021
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Talent managers Alex Davis and Samir Nadaf have reportedly filed a lawsuit against ONE Championship fighter Adriano Moraes.

The lawsuit alleges Moraes owes the managers over $100,000 due to a breach of contract.

The issue stems from a claim that Moraes wasn’t paying the managers an agreed-upon amount of his income. News of the filing was first reported by Guilherme Cruz of MMA Fighting.

Details obtained by MMA Fighting allege that Moraes was giving his management less than what he agreed to give them as part of a deal. The managers claim he agreed to pay them 10 percent of fight purses and 20 percent of his money from sponsorships, but they say he only gave them 5 percent for his last two outings.

Managers Allege They Are Owed $35,000 For Fight Against Johnson

Adriano Moraes, Demetrious Johnson, Credit: USA TODAY Sports

Davis and Nadaf are reportedly seeking $113,000 in total.

Moraes pulled off a big win earlier this year, stopping former UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson with strikes. Documents filed in the lawsuit claim that Moraes was given $50,000 to show for that fight, along with another $50,000 for winning. He was also allegedly given an extra $250,000 as a bonus afterward.

Davis and Nadaf claim they were owed $35,000 for the fight weekend but only received $2,500 from Moraes.

“As a professional rule, I don’t make comments about contracts, money and etc publicly,” said Davis when requested for comment by MMA Fighting. “I seek the justice when I’m in need about any situation, and I’ll wait and humbly agree to its decision.”

Moraes started his third run as the ONE 135-pound Champion in early 2019. In that fight, he avenged a loss he previously took against Geje Eustaquio. Moraes has fought on the ONE Championship roster since 2013.

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