Paul Explains Dana White Diss Track: ‘This Is About Doing What’s Right’
published on January 31, 2022
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Jake Paul has opened up on his diss track against Dana White and why he did it.

Paul and White have had an ongoing feud ever since Paul fought and knocked out Ben Askren back in April of 2021. Since then, he beat Tyron Woodley twice, including KO’ing him once, and he has taken shots at White over fighter pay.

With nothing changing involving pay, Paul released a video on his YouTube channel where he released a diss track on White. Not only did he release a diss track, but Cris Cyborg and Antonio McKee, who were vocal about their displeasure about White and the UFC, were featured in it. For the brash YouTuber, he says he needs to speak up about the disrespect the UFC boss is showing his fighters.

“Imagine if Adam Silver sent a lawsuit to Lebron James minutes before he took the floor for the NBA Finals, then, refused to present him with the NBA championship trophy after he won,” Paul said to MMAFighting when reacting to White not putting the title on Ngannou. “It’s pure disrespect to the athlete and the sport.”

Jake Paul (Image Credit: Julio Aguilar/Getty Images)

Jake Paul also added this is about fighters getting paid what they deserve and he says it is clear White has them in terrible contracts and most of them can’t speak up about their pay.

“This isn’t about boxing or MMA,” Paul explained. “This is about doing what is right. UFC can and should do better given the control it has exerted over MMA fighters. Either treat them as independent contractors, like Uber does its drivers, or give them the compensation and benefits they deserve as employees. So my fund has invested in his company’s stock and I will be working to expose his constant exploitative practices, starting by putting out this song with all proceeds going directly to fighter causes.”

There is no question Paul has made more people known about fighter pay. However, only time will tell if it will result in any actual change.

If you missed the release of Jake Paul’s Dana White diss track, you can view it below.

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