Paddy Pimblett teaches internet troll a lesson
published on January 2, 2023
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Paddy Pimblett teaches internet troll a lesson | Video

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UFC lightweight star Paddy Pimblett has his fair share of internet trolls that take aim at him on social media, and recently one got taught a tough lesson.

Pimblett has been banned from Instagram a couple of times, and Twitter. He has an active Instagram account that has 2.5 million followers, but has had two Instagram accounts terminated. 

“I can’t say nothing back anymore,” Pimblett said during an appearance on Pub Talk in early December. “I can’t say nothing back anymore. I’ve had two accounts disabled on Instagram for ‘bullying and harassment’ when it’s me who gets bullied and harassed. I just give it back…” 

“I’ve had two accounts, one with 187,000 followers got disabled. And my second account, it had nearly 900,000 followers and got disabled,” continued Pimblett. “I just can’t say nothing back. I have to be smarter with it.”

Instead of going back and forth with insults potentially jeopardizing his social media accounts, Pimblett invited one of his online hecklers to his gym in Liverpool, England to settle their differences inside the cage. Surprisingly, the internet troll showed up and Pimblett posted a video of the entire thing to his YouTube channel.

Pimblett booked his online critic a train to Liverpool and gave him props for having the guts to come in. “The Baddy” offered the man $500 if he could survive. Spoiler alert: he did not collect the cash.

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