Mike Perry & Julian Lane To Settle Beef In The Ring On Feb. 19
published on January 5, 2022
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Mike Perry and Julian Lane will be settling their beef at the February 19 Knucklemania event in Hollywood, Florida.

Tuesday, MMA reporter Chris Taylor first broke the news of this upcoming scrap, and it has since been confirmed by multiple sources. This announcement comes after Lane was unwilling to take no for an answer after challenging Perry to a fight earlier this year.

How This Odd Pairing Came Together

In October, Mike Perry announced that he would be joining the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship ranks. Here’s some of what Perry had to say in the official press release that announced his arrival:

“I will dismantle the opposition and reach the glory I have longed for my entire life. I will be crowned king of the streets and king of combat sports! They will make me a Platinum Crown and carry me on the bloody backs of my defeated rivals! I am here to go straight to the top and make anyone think twice about entering my world! BKFC is my world!”

Within hours of this announcement, former Ultimate Fighter contest Julian Lane, aka the ‘Let me bang, bro’ guy of MMA lore, volunteered to be the first man to “oppose” Perry in the BKFC. Unfortunately, Lane’s desire to bang was rebuffed, just like long times.

At BKFC Tampa last month, Perry made an appearance to do some commentary. However, he was being harassed by Lane, who was throwing material at Perry from the audience. This led to Perry exiting the commentating table to confront him.

Here is a glimpse of what happened when the two came face to face.

Now, we know that this brawl will spill into the ring next month.

Lane is 3-4 in bare-knuckle boxing and had been booked against Kaleb Harris on January 29 prior to this switch-up. Meanwhile, Perry recently defeated experienced boxer Michael Seals at Triller’s Triad Combat in November.

Do you have any interest in watching Mike Perry and Julian Lane fight in a bare-knuckle boxing match?

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