Logan Paul Boldly Claims KSI Was A Harder Fight Than Ex-Champion Floyd Mayweather: ‘He’s Just A Dog’
published on August 28, 2023
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Logan Paul claims that KSI was a harder fight than Floyd Mayweather Jr. in latest interview. 

Influencer boxing, as crude and cringeworthy as it might be, still attracts large audiences for some of theri events. This gives their biggest stars such and Paul and KSI a kind of illusory superiority in regards to their skills and understanding of the sport. 

While neither Paul of KSI have displayed any real boxing quality, they certainly don’t know that. In fact, Paul would go as far to claim that foe turned business partner, KSI was a harder fight than Mayweather, who he fought in June of 2021.

“Honestly, KSI, he’s just a dog.” said Paul in an interview with Misfits. “He’s just a dog. He has this tenacity and this intensity that I’ve never seen. Like when you’re in the ring with him he wants to kill you. It’s the only thing he cares about. He can’t lose. He made a documentary called “Can’t Lose” and I think he really, really believes that in his heart so he tries as hard as he can.

“I think Floyd Mayweather knew he wasn’t going to lose.” (H/T MMA Mania)

Logan Paul makes interesting claim

Logan Paul Vs. Dillon Danis 

After turning to professional wrestling, Paul is set to make a return to the ring when he faces off with Dillon Danis in October. 

The pair have had an feud which dates back several years, which has turned particularly ugly since their fight had been made officially. Danis in particular has taken it to the extreme, targeting Paul’s fiancé and her past relationships with other celebrities. 

Danis has been heavily criticized for his antics and complainants do have a valid point. The issue is, behaviour like this has been allowed and at times encouraged by those who push influencer boxing. In a world where people feel the need to one up each other in order to promote fights and themselves, a lot of influencers seem to have no boundaries. 

If a fighter such as Anthony Joshua, or Terrance Crawford began to make remarks like Danis’, they would be rightly criticized. However, it would be hypocritical for someone like Paul, or KSI to claim that it is ‘too far’ when then they have not only encouraged similar actions, but greatly financially benefited from the atmosphere it has created. 

What do you think or Logan Paul’s remarks?


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