Jorge Masvidal Calls Out Colby Covington For Gambling Debts
published on January 25, 2022
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Things continue to heat up between former friends Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington.

Now that Jorge Masvidal and Colby Covington are set to face each other in the main event of UFC 272, the trash talk between them is beginning to ramp up again. There is a history between these two fighters, and anytime that is the case, some past skeletons are bound to come out.

Masvidal is now spilling the tea on Covington and his past troubles with money. According to Masvidal, Covington has been in debt and unable to pay those he owes.

“The list goes on and on: American Top Team, the current gym that he’s at now. They’re having trouble because he hasn’t paid,” Masvidal told The MMA Hour. “This guy owes numerous loan sharks in South Florida for his poker gambling debt. I just hope he makes it to the fight, bro. Because this guy is in all types of trouble and I’m going to be the nail to his mother***ing coffin. I just can’t wait.” (h/t Sportskeeda)

Masvidal and Covington used to train together and were close friends. Now they are opponents set to face off against each other. Over the last few months, they have been calling each other out for a fight. They were both interested in facing off as opposing coaches on a season of The Ultimate Fighter, but then this UFC 272 headlining opportunity came through and both accepted.

Because of their shared history together, Masvidal and Covington learned a lot about one another. And since their falling out, Masvidal is not shy about telling the world exactly who he thinks Covington is.

“He was living off my couch, he was eating my meal prep – food that they were giving me because I was already sponsored,” Masvidal said. “He was an amateur coming in. It just [puts] a lot of things in perspective. You come into this world alone and you probably come out of it alone as well. This guy is a legit snake so I can’t wait to [punch him]. Ask Jon Jones about it. Motherf***ing Jon Jones has nothing nice to say about him. How about [Tyron] Woodley? Woodley ain’t got nothing nice to say about him.”

Covington isn’t just staying quiet, however. He is ready and willing to throw some heat right back at Masvidal. The next few weeks leading up to this fight are bound to be filled with trash-talking and animosity between both fighters.

Who do you think will win the UFC 272 main event, Jorge Masvidal or Colby Covington?

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