Jamahal Hill defends Johnny Walker after brutal KO ‘that s**t ain’t cool’
published on February 25, 2022
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Jamahal Hill defends Johnny Walker after brutal KO ‘that s**t ain’t cool’

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Jamahal Hill is reeling from his highlight reel KO of Johnny Walker at UFC Vegas 48. But instead of celebrating his win like he deserves to, he’s defending his opponent from online bullying.

“I do what I do for the entertainment of the fans and the love of the sport bro and whenever I’m successful yeah me and another fighter a I mean I get when I get a knockout and I have these moments which are like, bro don’t use that time to dog somebody,” Hill said this week after Walker posted about dealing with the trolls online. “Bro yeah I mean I’ve received I’ve lost. So I’ve received the ridicule and the things that come with that, you know I mean, and I understand that people are ignorant, but I can only imagine how y’all doing my man’s right now bro. That shit ain’t cool bro. That shit ain’t cool. Think about if that was you think about it that was your kid. Me your brother your mother your father. I’m saying come on bro. At some point we got to draw the line bro.”

Walker took to YouTube to share his thoughts after the loss and call out the haters leaving comments after his nasty KO.

“For me, it’s okay. Onto the next one, right?” Walker said on his YouTube channel. “But what’s making me really upset is f*cking people don’t care about the fighters’ health and what happens after, you know? They just care about the pictures and make the jokes. What made me upset was people message me and comment the jokes. People don’t care about other people’s health.”

While Walker was in the hospital seeking medical attention a photo of his face as he hit the canvas was making the rounds online.

“I train so hard, I’m very committed to my career. And when I get to the fight to make my best show for the fans, if I get hurt or something like that happens, people just make jokes about the knockout. They don’t care about my health or if I have brain damage, if I’m okay,” he said.

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