Jake Paul Says He Intends To Create A ‘Fighters Union’
published on January 28, 2022
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Jake Paul says he wants to make real change in the combat sports world.

The boxer and entertainer has previously mentioned how he believes UFC fighters are mistreated by their promotion. He has called out UFC President Dana White and in the past has demanded that White take steps to better accommodate his fighters.

Paul now says he wants to get a union for fighters in MMA and boxing. This statement came during an interview on ESPN, where he mentioned how fighters deserve better pay and healthcare.

“I want to create a fighters’ union,” said Paul during a recent appearance on ESPN’s “The First Take.” “This is my goal to really impact the whole entire sport, both MMA and boxing, and leave an everlasting stamp. I just so happen to not be beholden to anybody. A lot of these UFC fighters they are beholden to Dana White. They can’t speak out against him, so I’m using my platform because I’m one of a very few people who actually can.”

A New Chapter In Jake Paul vs. Dana White?

Paul has constantly gone after UFC and their brass as of late. In early January, Paul put out an ultimatum to the Dana White, saying he would join the promotion if they met a list of his demands. This list included providing healthcare to fighters and raising the minimum pay for a fighter.

Paul is now teasing a diss track that will be directed towards White. He recently posted a photo of him inside a spoof MMA cage that looked to be used for a music video shoot. This post was captioned “Tomorrow. Diss track,” and had White tagged in the post. Meanwhile, White recently vowed to never discuss Jake Paul ever again.

Some have questioned whether Paul is actually campaigning for better fighter pay, or if he is simply going after the UFC for popularity. Many people, including UFC fighter Anthony Smith, have argued that Paul is likely genuine in his message.

Do you think Jake Paul will make real change for fighter treatment in MMA?

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