Jake Paul says Floyd Mayweather Jr. and crew tried to jump him at NBA game
published on March 10, 2023
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Jake Paul says Floyd Mayweather Jr. and crew tried to jump him at NBA game

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According to Jake Paul, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has a problem letting things go. ‘Money’ and his entourage allegedly tried to ‘jump’ Paul at an NBA game on Wednesday.

Paul posted a video accusing Mayweather of trying to ‘jump’ him for an incident that took place during a press conference when Mayweather boxed Jake’s brother, Logan, in June 2021. Jake took Mayweather’s hat sparking a melee.

“I’m leaving the Miami Heat game and Floyd Mayweather and 50 dudes pull up out of nowhere, like in a side alley waiting for me outside of the stadium,” Paul said in the video.

“They’re like, ‘so what’s up? Where’s all that talk now?’ I’m like, first of all, what did I say to you Floyd? I just took you hat and you’re still mad about it,” continued Paul. “And then 50 dudes literally start surrounding me to try and jump me. I’m out that b*tch. Floyd, you want to run it one-on-one, no problem, but I’m not dumb. I’m tough. I don’t need to prove my toughness. I’m not f**king dumb. I’m not going to sit there and fight 50 dudes.”

“Floyd, you’re a hoe. You’re mad because I took your f**king hat. Are you serious? Get over it, bro. Move on. Move on.”

“my pure speed, athleticism, and 99 awareness rating helped me avoid getting jumped so I can still flick up this fit this morning,” Paul wrote on Instagram Thursday morning.

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