Jake Paul And Tommy Fury Engage In Heated Face-off Ahead Of Boxing Showdown
published on February 24, 2023
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Jake Paul Jake Paul

Third time appears to be the charm for Jake Paul and Tommy Fury.

The two undefeated professional boxers will square off inside the squared circle this Sunday live on ESPN+ pay-per-view. Emanating from The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ‘The Problem Child’ and ‘TNT’ met in an intense face-off during a 90-minute press event that featured heavyweight boxing icon Mike Tyson and Saudi royalty.

Jake Paul and Tommy Fury Raise the Stakes

Jake Paul (6-0) will finally meet Tommy Fury (8-0) after their two previous attempts fell through for various reasons. The bout will be contested at a catchweight of 185-pounds with a potential WBC ranking on the line. The winner will also receive a championship belt made specifically for the winner of the long-awaited showdown. Apparently, those stakes weren’t high enough as the pair made an impromptu agreement during their exchange.

“I think we make a deal,” Paul said. “If you win, I’ll pay you double what I’m paying you already. But if I win, I take everything that I’m paying you. Deal or no deal since you’re so confident. Deal or not deal? I want to shake on it.”

Tommy Fury didn’t accept the terms himself, but his father and coach, John Fury, gladly accepted the offer.

“You’re dealt – you’ve got a deal,” John Fury shouted. “All or nothing. You’ve got it. Just to confirm, can we have this in writing, please, as well? Because you know what? Thank you Jake, you’re making our night and stay even better.”

Jake Paul revealed that he already had a contract drawn up in the event that his challenge was accepted. He also managed to take another dig at his opponent, making light of the fact that it was Tommy Fury’s father that accepted the terms.

“You heard that ladies and gentlemen, it’s a deal,” Paul said. “My lawyers actually already have the contract ready. You know what’s funny, Tommy, is that your dad agreed to the deal before you. Your dad is more confident than you.”


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