Ian Machado Garry Warns UFC Foe Colby Covington: ‘I’ll Walk Into Miami And Slap The Mouth Off Him’
published on September 12, 2023
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UFC welterweight, Ian Machado Garry, also has his eyes set on a potential fight with Colby Covington.

While Machado Garry has been campaigning for a fight with Stephen Thompson, it seems that Thompson wants to pursue another match up. So with Garry having to settle for another name, when asked on who the ideal matchup would be for a rumoured return to Dublin, he named Covington.

“I want Colby Covington, oh my god! At home,” Ian Machado Garry said on the MMA Hour. “The only thing that annoys me about that is that I would have more fun doing that in Miami. 

In his back garden, walk into Miami and slap the mouth off him in front of all his fans, I have no problem playing the heel. I have no problem going out there and being the bad guy for the weekend because at the end of the day when i put him unconscious, I’ll have a smile on my face.”

Ian Garry appears on The MMA Hour

Ian Machado Garry talks about potential matchup with Colby Covington

Talking to Severe MMA, Ian Machado Garry spoke on how he would fair taking on someone with the style of a Covington. In Typical fashion, Garry claimed that should he stand opposite Covington, or Kamaru Usman for that matter – he would out grapple them. 

“So to fight the Usmans, to fight the Colbys to fight whoever they can put in front of me that’s going to want to try to take me down and and get rid of my hands and my feet. I’m excited to show the world what else I’m capable of,” Ian Machado Garry said. “You give me Sean Brady, I’ll submit him. You give me (Kamaru) Usman or Colby (Covington), I’ll out grapple them, outwrestle them. (H/T Bloody Elbow). 

It’s unclear how long it will be until Garry returns to action, but the Irishman seems keen on making it soon. 

Who wins, Ian Machado Garry or Colby Covington?


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