Henry Cejudo: Tyron Woodley Has Made Jake Paul A Star
published on December 28, 2021
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Former UFC champion Henry Cejudo believes Tyron Woodley didn’t just lose to Jake Paul but also helped build Paul’s boxing reputation.

Paul viciously knocked out Woodley in their rematch just days ago, hitting Woodley with a big right hand that dropped him immediately. Paul remains undefeated in his young boxing career after an accomplished time in content creation.

Paul’s knockout over Woodley is arguably the most impressive of his time in the ring so far. Before the rematch with Woodley, he earned knockouts over former NBA star Nate Robinson and former UFC fighter Ben Askren.

During a recent podcast episode with The Schmo, Cejudo gave his take on how Woodley’s loss helped grow Paul’s star power.

“Man, I tell you what. This fight had to be about sleeping until that sixth-round came and it’s unfortunate because Tyron Woodley was actually winning that boring fight,” Cejudo said. “But he happened to just keep those, he just kept that left hand down, and slowly but surely Jake Paul threw that hammer and knocked him out.

“The fight was boring, the knockout was great. I mean, talk about a complete face plant by Tyron Woodley. Jake Paul, whether we hate him or love him, the dude has taken this by storm and if you really think about it man, Tyron Woodley is making this dude into a star. Made him into a star because of the simple fact that he beat a former UFC champion.” (h/t EssentiallySports)

This isn’t the first time that Cejudo has appeared to take a jab at Woodley. He most recently gave Woodley the title of the second-most cringy MMA fighter behind himself.

It’s Unclear What Could Be Next For Tyron Woodley’s Career

Despite the loss to Paul, Woodley seemed optimistic about his fighting future. Leading up to the rematch, Woodley had made his plans clear that he wants to have multiple MMA and boxing fights in 2022.

Woodley had been rumored to be in fight camp to take on former UFC fighter Dan Hardy in the new year before the Paul rematch came up. That could be a possible matchup for his return to the ring.

As for Paul, his stock continues to grow in the sport, and one could make the argument that Woodley is directly responsible for making that happen.

Do you agree with Henry Cejudo’s comments about Tyron Woodley?

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