Floyd Mayweather Remains Unbeaten, Stops YouTube Star Deji In Round 6
published on November 14, 2022
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Floyd Mayweather, Deji, Floyd Mayweather vs Deji, Boxing Mandatory Credit: Steve Marcus/Getty Images

Boxing great Floyd Mayweather has kept his winning ways intact with a sixth-round win over Deji Olatunji in Dubai, UAE. The 50-0 retired champion made his fifth money-making exhibition appearance since 2018. 

Mayweather’s approach to his latest exhibition match started out with confidence. He had his hands down and a smile on his face to open Round 1. Deji, whose overall boxing record was 1-3, was looking to shock the world. Mayweather landed a few shots to the body and face throughout the round. 

Mayweather taunted Deji and the crowd in Round 2. He landed more accurate shots as Deji defended. In between rounds, he danced and practiced some of his punches with one of his cornermen. Deji showed more offense in Round 3 but Mayweather’s defense was on display as he was slipping most shots with his elite head movement. 

UFC 281

Mayweather threw a combination of jabs and body punches in Round 4. Deji landed some of his own jabs and body shots in Round 5 as Mayweather smiled it off. The social media star did pushups in between rounds. 

Floyd Mayweather Became More Serious

The taunting by Deji changed Mayweather’s demeanor. He stalked Deji in Round 6 and started pouring on powerful shots, including a right hand, left hook and an uppercut. Deji had a fighting spirit but Mayweather’s combination of strikes were simply too much. He stopped Deji in Round 6 to remain unbeaten. 

During the post-fight interview, Mayweather gave props to everyone involved in the event, including his opponent Deji. 

I want to thank the whole country of the UAE, unbelievable crowd, unbelievable turnout, unbelievable people. I want to thank everybody that supported this event. I couldn’t do this without my dancing partner. ‘Deji, you’re a tough competitor. I’m proud of you, keep up the great work. Your brother KSI [is] a hell of a fighter also so I want him to keep up the great work…I’m proud of you guys.’”


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