Eddy George looking for a finish at CES 61
published on October 14, 2020
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Following a multi-fight winning streak to close out his amateur career, lightweight Eddy George was looking to make a splash in his pro debut this past January at CES 60 versus Raymond Yanez.

In one of the night’s standout performances, George picked up a 21-second TKO of Yanez, kicking off his pro career in just about as good of a fashion as one can.

“I wanted to go out go out and establish myself apart from the pack, which is why I try to get the finish as fast as possible,” George told MMAWeekly.com. “I couldn’t have done it much faster. I wanted everyone to know there’s a new big dog on the scene.”

Coming off such an explosive win, George was looking forward to keeping things going, but with the novel coronavirus putting things into lockdown, his focused shifted towards training as well as he could for when things would open up again.

“Since (the win) I was eager to get back in the cage as soon as possible, and was supposed to be on the next CES card that they were going to have, but because of coronavirus things didn’t happen,” said George. “Since then I’ve been hungry as ever and haven’t stopped training at all. The next time I get into the cage at CES it’s going to be Eddy 2.0.

“I put of emphasis on my cardio and my endurance training and conditioning. Slowly I started working again with Nick (Newell), and from there we started building a small team, and from there just grew our numbers a little bit here and there, and now we’re back with a good camp.”

On Wednesday in Warwick, Rhode Island, George (1-0) will look to pick up his second straight win to start his career when he faces Frank Mazepa (0-0) in a feature 155-pound bout at CES 61.

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“I’m not too concerned with the person they put in front of me,” George said. “The world is changing every second of every day, so the person I get matched up with could change due to Coronavirus or anything, so I just focus on what I’m good at.

“Just play into our game plan, just distract them with feints, and look for the finish when it presents itself.”

Though things can change on a dime, George does have a set idea where he would like to take things as his career continues to move forward.

“I definitely have a structure,” said George. “I’m the type of person that loves structure. I do best with outlined structure and a good format.

“But I also don’t get bent out of shape if something changes. I always like to have a backup plan. I do have some formats, but no matter what I do what it takes to keep growing.”

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