Dominick Reyes Fires A Shot At Jon Jones After UFC 270 Comments
published on January 28, 2022
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Dominick Reyes took a shot at former champion Jon Jones on social media.

It has been a while since Dominick Reyes has made any noise. Reyes is one of the more quiet fighters on the UFC roster. He doesn’t engage in a lot of trash-talking, but when he does, it is usually pointed at Jon Jones.

Reyes and Jones have a history together. They fought back in Feb. of 2020 when Jones defeated him via a narrow split decision. Since then, Reyes has occasionally been commenting on Jones’ behavior. He did so recently again on a post made by ESPN.

“Poor guy. At the end of the day, he’s home alone in the basement writing mean messages. Get better bro,” Reyes commented on a picture of Jones saying he would defeat both Ngannou and Gane following UFC 270.

Jones has not fought in the UFC since his bout against Reyes. Since then he has relinquished his light heavyweight title and made the decision to move to heavyweight. Jones then was involved with some negotiation disputes with the UFC and some legal trouble as well.

He has not set a date for his UFC heavyweight debut but has been increasingly present on social media calling out Ngannou. Most recently, Jones criticized the performances of Ngannou and Gane at UFC 270, which is what prompted these posts from Reyes.

When Reyes was questioned by another commenter about his remarks, he responded.

“Just pointing out literal facts,” he wrote (via Sportskeeda). “We all had a great time at the fights and homeboy is tweeting mean stuff before the belts wrapped around the winner… Don’t get it twisted, I do truly want to see him get better. I wish harm on no man.”

Reyes has been unsuccessful in his last three UFC outings. He lost his title shot against Jones, then another title shot against Jan Blachowicz for the vacant title. Most recently he was defeated by title challenger Jiri Procházka. Reyes does not currently have a fight lined up at this time. He is still sitting in the #7 spot in the rankings. With a few wins, he could be right back at the top challenging for the title again.

Do you think Dominick Reyes was right in his comments towards Jon Jones?

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