Dillon Danis Crumbles Once Face-To-Face With Logan Paul: ‘Get This Man A Glass Of Water!’
published on September 9, 2023
curated and posted by BRWLRZ Team

When it comes to social media, Dillon Danis has proven himself to be one of the most vicious and relentless trolls online. But in person, it appears to be a very different story.

On October 14, Danis is scheduled to strap on a pair of eight-ounce gloves for a clash with Logan Paul as part of Misfits Boxing’s ‘The PRIME Card’ in Manchester, England. Though the bout is still a month away, the actual warfare began in August moments after the fight was officially announced.

Since then, Danis has delivered a non-stop stream of insults lobbed at Paul and the WWE Superstar’s fiancée, Nina Agdal. So much so that the Danish swimsuit model filed for a restraining order against Danis after he had harassed her online more than 250 times, allegedly sharing sexually explicit photos of her from a romantic encounter more than a decade ago.

Dillon Danis Can’t Form a Complete Sentence While Sitting Across from Logan Paul

Danis’ efforts, no matter your personal opinion on them, have brought an insane amount of attention to himself and his scrap with Logan Paul next month. Unfortunately, Danis doesn’t appear to carry that same energy when he’s sat face-to-face with his foe. In a brief clip shared by Barstool Sports, Danis and Paul are seen sitting across from one another with another man appearing to act as the moderator.

The 22-second clip shows Dillon Danis frequently stumbling over his words to the point that Paul goes on to suggest it sounds like he has “Conor McGregor’s nutsack” in his mouth.

Conor McGregor wasn’t in attendance, but perhaps Dillon Danis had a few too many swigs of Proper No. 12 before sitting down in front of the man he’s been trash-talking for weeks on the internet.


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