Dana White-Backed Power Slap League Continues To Slump In Viewership Ahead Of March PPV
published on February 11, 2023
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dana white dana white

Dana White‘s Power Slap League continues to plummet in the ratings just four weeks into their deal with TBS

Despite help and introductions from AEW Wrestling, his new promotion failed to crack the top 60 shows watched on Wednesday night, February 8, 2023.

For a better understanding, AEW Wrestling reportedly did 899,000 viewers in an 8pm time slot, and the Dallas Mavericks vs LA Clippers NBA game on ESPN got 1.6 million viewers in a 10:05pm time slot, but Dana White‘s slap fighting event came in at no. 68 on the charts, totaling just 275,000 viewers.

Power Slap debuted on TBS on January 18, 2023, and they did 295,000 viewers on that night, so it appears the league is slowly, but progressively declining, and rather quickly.

What’s more, shows like South Park, FOX News, Watch What Happens Live, House Hunters, 1000 lb Best Friends, and Kingdom Business all out-performed TBS on Wednesday.

White certainly suffered his fair share of criticism for even attempting to create a real business out of slap fighting. It looks like those haters were right, at least where it stands right now.

But, mixed martial arts didn’t pull in significant numbers for the first decade-plus of its existence.

Does Dana White‘s Power Slap just need some more time?

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