Conor Mcgregor challenges Nate Diaz to Power Slap title match, Diaz responds
published on December 19, 2022
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Conor Mcgregor challenges Nate Diaz to Power Slap title match, Diaz responds

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In October, UFC president Dana White launched Power Slap and former two-division UFC champion Conor Mcgregor wants to face Nate Diaz in the promotion.

The Stockton Slap is Nate Diaz’ specialty. It’s his signature move. McGregor thinks he and Diaz should partake in a Power Slap championship match.

“This power slap championships is growing on me. Who doesn’t like watching good quality clatters hahaha,” McGregor wrote on Twitter.

“Is it a flip of a coin who gets to go first? How long do they have to recover before they get to throw their counter? Or is it over if they’re ko’d? Fascinating. I’m attending one of these 100%. Is this Dana’s ? Wtf is this madness Dana hahaha. I’m in,” he continued.

After praising the ‘madness,’ McGregor challenged Diaz. And, of course, Diaz responded.

“Me Vs Nate on it for the title hahahaha maybe that’s a title you’d have a better chance of coming close to winning Nate you little slapper hahahaha,” McGregor said.

Diaz handed McGregor his first UFC loss at UFC 196 in March 2016. McGregor avenged the loss by majority decision in the rematch at UFC 202 five months later. Diaz reminded McGregor of their first meeting.

“I already beat you at that game too,” Diaz replied with a video clip of the first fight.

McGregor responded to Diaz and Diaz countered with a series of tweets.

“Got you back with concussions. Real smacks,” McGregor wrote. The two continued their back and forth until Diaz declared that he ‘roasted’ McGregor.

“If submissions weren’t allowed I knocked you out way faster than Floyd did,” Diaz said. “But it was Real So I choked you better and faster than kabob did.”

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