Conor McGregor And Nate Diaz Continue War Of Words: “Got You Back With Concussions.”
published on December 21, 2022
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conor mcgregor conor mcgregor

The UFC’s two biggest stars, Nat Diaz and Conor McGregor can never resist the urge to taunt one another when given the opportunity.

Following a tongue and cheek call out for a slap fight from McGregor, Diaz would ignite yet another war of words in what is another chapter of the endless feud between the two men.

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Rumours of a trilogy bout have flown around since the pair last squared off back in 2016, but nothing has ever materialised. It seems now we are further away than ever from what could have been in the running for the biggest fight in promotional history.

Diaz has now departed the UFC and appears to be heading into boxing while McGregor’s future is unclear following his horrific leg break.

Nate Diaz and Conor McGregor exchange

I already beat you at that game too‘- Diaz ‘If submissions weren’t allowed… I knocked you out way faster than Floyd did‘- Diaz ‘But it was Real So I choked you better and faster than kabob did‘- Diaz ‘Got you back with concussions. Real smacks.’- Conor McGregor

I telling you bro I been milling people your shape and size and bad. But gonna be a knock no doubt. I not sure I give a rats fully but I gonna go sprint until I can’t sprint no more in the 3rd fight I don’t care. Opening bell the absolute most power I have on me. Until we’ll see’– McGregor

Diaz last fought in September in what looks to be his final UFC fight in which he would defeat fellow veteran, Tony Ferguson.

McGregor last fought in July of last year when he would suffer his le injury, while such a break can often linger for the rest of the athletes career, the Irishman is adamant of his return to high level professional fighting.

Will we every see Conor McGregor Vs. Nate Diaz III?


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