Chael Sonnen: Jake Paul Just Made The ‘Biggest Mistake’ Of His Career
published on December 9, 2021
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Jake Paul, who already beat Tyron Woodley four months ago, will be rematching him on just 12 days’ notice, which Chael Sonnen says was not a smart decision.

Paul was supposed to box Tommy Fury in a highly-anticipated bout. Both men are undefeated in their young boxing careers and are massive social media stars, yet Fury was forced out of the scrap due to an injury. Shortly after the news broke that Fury was out of the fight, it was revealed Woodley will be stepping up on short notice and the rematch was set.

Although Jake Paul controlled the first fight and won a decision, Woodley did have success and rocked the YouTuber badly. With that, Sonnen thinks this is a risky fight and possibly a bad idea for Paul.

“This is the biggest mistake of Jake Paul’s short career,” Sonnen said in a YouTube video analyzing the newly-made fight (via The Mirror). “Absolutely, without question, this is the biggest risk he could possibly take. To fight Tyron Woodley – who by the way is training all the time – Jake is not getting a softball down the middle. He’s getting a very hard fight against his No. 1 rival who is completely motivated to fight and defeat him and Jake wasn’t even thinking about the guy.”

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Although Chael Sonnen believes this is a risky fight for Jake Paul, he does say this proves the social media star is a real fighter. That is due to the fact he is taking a short notice fight and letting the show go on, but it still is a risky fight.

“Jake is willing to step in because he follows the golden rule of show business which is that the show must go on,” Sonnen added. “So when I tell you this is a huge mistake from Jake, I am right, but it’s because he is willing to make that mistake that you must accept him into the club. He doesn’t have to beat Tyron Woodley, he already did, what he does have to do is show up and show a respect to the rest of the card who is counting on that paycheque.

“Their holidays are going to be very different if Jake is not there, Showtime [the event’s broadcaster] have taken all the risk, believed in him and set this thing up and he’s shown them respect,” Sonnen continued. “He absolutely did, and in a matter of fact he took this thing one step further and told Tyron Woodley that he’ll give him $500,000 if he can knock him out.”

Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley 2 goes down in Tampa on December 18 live on Showtime pay-per-view.

Who do you think wins the rematch between Jake Paul and Tyron Woodley?

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