Bryce Mitchell’s Mom Hated His Rap Music Without Knowing It Was Him
published on January 25, 2022
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UFC featherweight Bryce Mitchell is finding out the hard way that there will always be music critics, even if they’re in your own family.

Mitchell, an undefeated prospect who has emerged as a UFC fan favorite, recently put out his first rap mixtape Pasture Fire on social media. Fans gave “Thug Nasty” mostly rave reviews for his first musical endeavor.

But not everyone is a fan of Mitchell’s music, including his own mother. During a recent interview with MMA journalist Helen Yee, Mitchell revealed an awkward moment he had when his mom commented on his rap mixtape.

“I was playing my music in the car and rolled up to my mom’s house. Was going to say hi, eat and everything. I pulled up and I didn’t know she was out in the yard,” Mitchell said. “She hates rap music. I had my mixtape playing, practicing the words. My song’s playing as I park, and she yells ‘Turn that nasty s**t off, I don’t like all that rap stuff!’ I just couldn’t help but laugh because she was talking about my music.

“I turned the music right off, I know better than to tell my mom. I just laughed it off. She don’t like it, but that’s alright. It’s not for everyone.”

Mitchell is set to return to the Octagon at UFC 272 against Edson Barboza. He has been sidelined since late 2020 due to a variety of circumstances, including injury issues.

Mitchell has called for fights against any willing challenger, including grappling specialist Ryan Hall. He’ll get the opportunity to move up in the featherweight division against a tough out in Barboza.

Meanwhile, Mitchell isn’t just focused on his MMA ambitions. He wants to prove that his recent musical journey isn’t just an antic and that he’s here to stay on the mic.

Do you like Bryce Mitchell’s rap music?

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