Askren Believes Covington Fight Is Crucial For Masvidal’s Popularity
published on January 30, 2022
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Ben Askren doesn’t agree with Chael Sonnen that UFC 272 is a career-ending fight per se, but he knows Jorge Masvidal needs to defeat Colby Covington to regain his popularity.

Masvidal became a massive star in 2019 after knocking out Darren Till in London. He followed that up with a five-second flying knee KO over Ben Askren and then TKO’d Nate Diaz to become the BMF champ. Since then, however, he has suffered two-straight losses to Kamaru Usman for the belt and will now headline UFC 272 opposite Covington.

It’s a crucial fight, as the two are bitter rivals and Sonnen has said if “Gamebred” loses, it would be career-ending. Yet, for Askren, he doesn’t think it would end his career if he loses, but it would derail his hype and popularity a ton.

“Well Chael understands the fight business better than almost anyone so generally when he says things, there’s a lot of validity to it,” Askren said to MMA Island about Masvidal. “And so I would not say it’s a career-ender, but unfortunately, people will take offense to this, but I made him a huge star, right? It was at my expense. I don’t want to say he was a nobody before that, but he was kind of like a moderately popular fighter who kind of had maybe a hardcore following but wasn’t known to a broader audience and then the event with me happened, unfortunately, and he became let’s say, one of the top-five stars in the sport and then obviously he parlayed that with the Nate Diaz fight. 

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“Nate Diaz is not the toughest opponent at welterweight but then once he got past that fight, the Usman fights were pretty non-competitive and he hasn’t really fought anyone else in the upper-echelon of that division,” Askren continued about Masvidal. “So Colby is another guy, the upper echelon of the division, and if he loses to him, I think it probably knocks his popularity a couple of levels and he’s got to go low. Now can he regain the popularity on some level? Possibly.”

As both Askren and Sonnen say, UFC 272 will be a massive fight for Jorge Masvidal’s star power.

Do you think UFC 272 is a career-ending fight for Jorge Masvidal if he loses?

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