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published on January 1, 2022
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After Ronda Rousey was knocked out for the second time after once being viewed as an unstoppable force, everyone in the MMA community pondered what might be next for her and where she’d go from there. That includes former light heavyweight king Jon Jones.

Rousey has not competed since the loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 in 2016.

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Headline: Jon Jones On Ronda Rousey’s Loss: “What She Does Next Will Truly Determine Her Legacy”

Author: Matt Boone

Many have reacted to the second professional MMA loss UFC mega-star Ronda Rousey suffered at the hands of UFC Women’s Bantamweight Champion Amanda Nunes in their 48-second main event at UFC 207 this past Friday night, the latest of which is a teammate of the first woman that handed Rousey the taste of defeat, Holly Holm, as Jon “Bones” Jones has chimed in with his thoughts on the matter.

Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones, who is currently serving a one-year suspension for testing positive ahead of his scheduled rematch with Daniel Cormier at the landmark UFC 200 event in July of 2016, took to social media this weekend where he posted a series of tweets to Rousey regarding her loss to Nunes.

“My advice to Ronda [Rousey] would be to pick yourself up and try again,” wrote Jones. “I believe Rousey will be a champion for the rest of her life, even if she never wins another fight I think it’s important for Ronda to show her fans how great she truly is by displaying her courage and giving it another try.”

Jones continued, “What she does next will truly determine her legacy. I really hope she chooses to be a unbroken. Her story doesn’t have to be over here. I also still believe she beats 90% of the division. Lots of ass kicking still to be done, lots of money to be made.”

Agreeing with what has been a big part of the story coming out of both of her losses, Jones pointed to the team and coaches Rousey currently works with as something that he feels would be wise to address if she were to consider a return to the Octagon.

“Maybe she just needs to [compliment] her coach with an MMA family,” Jones continued. “Maybe she should join one of the bigger MMA teams. Being around other bad asses and constantly sharing your spotlight could be good for you [in] so many ways.”

“They can improve on your humility,” said Jones. “Constantly being humbled is never a bad thing in a sport like this.”

For video highlights of Ronda Rousey’s 48-second TKO loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 from this past Friday night, click here. You can also view Jones’ tweets below. 

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