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published on December 26, 2021
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In April of 2018, Daniel Cormier was eying champ-champ status with another gift waiting for him with a win other than just a second world title.

Prior to UFC 226, Cormier and then-heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic were both teased with the possibility that the winner of their fight could face Brock Lesnar next. That possibility seemed more real than ever when this moment happened after Cormier’s victory.

Unfortunately, nothing ever came from it, and Lesnar has not competed in the UFC since UFC 200 two years prior.

Speaking of UFC 200, in the below article, Daniel Cormier recalled back to when Lesnar told him he would be joining that stacked lineup. Cormier may not have received the Christmas gift he was after following UFC 226, but he was more than happy to learn that Santa Lesnar would be coming down to Las Vegas to help him bag some money in 2016.

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Headline: Daniel Cormier Opens Up On Potential Fight With Brock Lesnar

Author: Andrew Ravens

Although Daniel Cormier has his next fight lined up, he has his eyes set on a potential fight down the road.

The light heavyweight champion is slated to take on heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic this summer at the UFC 226 pay-per-view event.

As seen at the UFC 25 Anniversary press conference earlier this month, UFC President Dana White was asked about the possibility of former heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar fighting the winner of this bout later this year if Lesnar decided to return to the promotion. White stated that it could happen.

After his fight with hard-hitting Mark Hunt in a heavyweight bout at UFC 200 in July of 2016, which Lesnar won by decision, it was announced that he tested positive for anti-estrogen drugs called clomiphene and hydroxy-clomiphene from his samples that were collected in the weeks leading up to the fight.

As a result, the Nevada State Athletic Commission gave Lesnar a fine of $250k of his disclosed $2.5 million purse and a one-year suspension. It should be noted that his suspension is up on July 9, 2017 and that he’s still under contract with the WWE. 

Lesnar has competed just once inside of the cage since 2011. The former UFC champion holds notable wins over fighters such as Shane Carwin Randy Couture and Frank Mir.

Cormier opened up on the possibility of fighting Lesnar inside the Octagon during a recent interview with MMA Fighting.

“That thing never happens unless I get past Stipe, but just hearing out loud was like, oh my goodness,” Cormier said. “Hey, I know that when I fight Jon Jones, I make a lot of money. I know that if I was to ever fight a Brock Lesnar, I’m going to make even more money than I’ve ever made in entire life. And ultimately, championships and money is why we do this. I don’t care for all the other stuff. I want to get paid. I’m almost 40, the door’s about to close on me, so why not ride out into the sunset with a massive payday? Truckloads of money. Back up Brinks truck to Gilroy, California if you fight Brock Lesnar, I’m telling you.

“He told me last time, right? When that thing broke that he was fighting at UFC 200, I said, ‘Big Brock, is it Christmas morning in the Cormier household?’ He goes, ‘Merry Christmas, DC. You’re welcome.’ That’s what he told me. He knows that the money’s coming. When he’s on your card or if you’re fighting against him, he knows that you’re getting paid.”

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