Thanks for everything D
published on October 21, 2020
curated and posted by BRWLRZ Team

Thanks for everything D.C

Dana White told the media yesterday that Daniel has officially been asked to be taken out of the USADA pool which confirms his retirement.⁣

Can’t say enough good things about this man. A true martial artist and representative of the sport. Someone who’s faced loads of adversity in his life. A true competitor. A winner. A family man. ⁣

Listening to this man on DWCS last night, our whole team thought the same thing – how lucky we are as fight fans to be able to listen to him as a commentator, and to have him around this sport. ⁣

We’re sure the next chapter of his life will be even more successful than the last. ⁣

One of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, Daniel Cormier. Thank you.
Source @brwlrz on Instagram

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