Manager responds to critics “jumping on” UFC star Paddy Pimblett
published on June 14, 2024
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Manager responds to critics “jumping on” UFC star Paddy Pimblett.

Graham Boylan: “He’s 28. Everybody is jumping on him, everybody is on his shoulders, everybody is like, whinging all sorts of bullsh*t in his direction. He’s a 28 year old f**king kid. He’s got the world at his feet and he’s got plenty of time. He can still be fighting five years from now. We just need to get over this injury and the rehab, and make sure he’s good and healthy. Long term? He’s 28. There ain’t no f**king rush with Paddy. We’ll make all the right steps with Paddy. I think he’s got a huge bright future.”

What do you think of Boylan’s comments concerning his fighter Paddy Pimblett?
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